Yoneda-io is a group of freelance developers specialized in technically challenging work.


As a team, we value our clients' time and money. We work reliably and fast while remaining uncompromising over quality. The services we current offer are:

We can take care of developing a project from its inception, or chime in and help your team to solve a particularly hard problem in your codebase. We will rely on our vast expertise in formal methods to provide reliable solutions.

Example: Developing a formally verified finite state machine parser. [Github]

Research and Design

The key for a good product starts before development. With the right design patterns the amount problems at implementation stage can be greatly reduced. Using state of the art research in the relevant fields, we will help you shaping your ideas into a viable design.

Example: Formalizing the semantics of a programming language. [Paper]

Academic projects

Producing a working software implementation is becoming important in many research fields: a nice demo can make a difference when it comes to reviews and grant applications. We offer our expertise to help academic groups to develop software based on the research they conduct.

Expertise and method

Formal methods are a bundle of mathematical tools to ensure software correctness from a theoretical standpoint. This is our bread and butter. A system designed and developed using formal methods is more reliable and easier to extend. In some cases these guarantees can even be mathematically proved. Formal methods allow us to tackle very complicated projects in a principled way.
Areas of expertise

We are fluent in functional programming, formal verification, artificial intelligence, database systems, decentralized and parallel computing, both from a theoretical and applied point of view. Our framework of choice for architecture design is applied category theory. We are not afraid to learn and extend our knowledge if a given project requires so.

Languages spoken

The languages we use the most are: Scala, Idris, Haskell and Purescript.


Our team is decentralized over Europe, and includes developers and theoreticians. We can work in any timezone. We communicate in English, but we are native speakers of Dutch, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish. We are also happy to work using these languages if required.
Fabrizio Genovese - Theoretician

Fabrizio is a researcher with a degree in Maths and a PhD in CompSci from Oxford. He is a founding member of the Applied Category Theory community, and extensively uses Category Theory to design formally consistent infrastructure. His job is to design reliable systems from the ground up using formal methods.

Andre Videla - Developer

Andre is a software engineer with experience in developing software using functional programming languages and formal methods. As a contirbutor to the Idris Programming language he provides insight into implementation strategies for mathematical problems into executable programs.

Alex Gryzlov - Developer

Alex is a software engineer who focuses on formal methods and software verification, mainly working in Coq and Idris. He is also experienced in back-end development and data science.

Marco Perone - Developer

Marco is a software developer with a PhD in mathematics with several years of experience in creating and maintaining web applications. He is well versed in multiple programming paradigms and he cares about creating high quality software.


We offer a range of services around formal methods and verification and our pricing policy mirrors this range. Pricing is decided on a per-project basis, with the following pricing tiers providing an estimate of the average costs.
Open source Tier - 1-10k: Custom feature request

Your business relies on cutting edge open source technology, but you need a specific feature that the maintainers cannot afford to implement. We will help your business to achieve its goals by implementing the required features from its dependencies, all while benefiting the greater community. We have a strong focus on formal tools like Agda, Coq or Idris, but our team of polyglots can also provide solutions for Haskell, Purescript and Scala.

This tier is ideal for smaller companies requiring a quick boost to their productivity to ship faster and more reliably.

Academic Tier - 10-50k: Grants/research projects

For academic institutions it may be beneficial to secure a partnership prior to a grant application. We are open to discuss pricing with groups willing to submit a grant application that includes the development of software. Along with the researchers involved, we can estimate how many hours will be needed for the software to be implemented, produce a budget out of it, and co-apply for a grant along with the research institution.

This tier is ideal for academics looking for the know-how to implement ideas into real-life programs, either for the purposes of a business or for the purpose of applied research demos.

Business tier - 10-50k+: Large scale project developement

Your project might be large in scope and scale. For businesses requiring a team of experts and a wide range of skills, from writing software to writing papers, we are ready to discuss ways to make it a reality. We can decide on deliveries and timeline together and we will tightly cooperate to ensure your needs are met in the most professional and satisfying way.

This tier is ideal for large businesses looking for a plurailty of skills that cannot be obtained anywhere else.


For inquiries and proposals, mail us at